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Relaer has substantial experience in supporting Customers with an aircraft redelivery to the owner.  
The purpose of the service is to ensure that the aircraft and its records comply with the contractual return conditions as per Lease Return Conditions and in line with the FAA/EASA regulations and to avoid additional expenditure.  The expertise required is part technical and part contractual.
Relaer will review and validate the work performed by the Customer in view of:
  • The preparation of the records; 


  • Forecasting of the due maintenance in line with the return conditions at the date of the return of the aircraft; 


  • The compilation of the work scope to cover all technical obligations at the redelivery date in line with the Lease Agreement.
The service can be broken up into multiple phases to adjust to particular situations in terms of aircraft and documentation status, or time limitations. However, the standard approach to this type of activity consists of three main pillars:
  • Analysis of the Lease Agreement, lease return conditions, as well as financial clauses if any (such as AD compensation at the end of lease, etc), and compilation of key information such as anticipating a maintenance event prior to return and ensuring that the aircraft meets the redelivery conditions. 
  • Performance of a 100% records review and provide recommendations to achieve full compliance to redelivery conditions before the start of the Aircraft redelivery at the lowest costs.
  • Management of the redelivery process on behalf of the Customer on site at the selected MRO and the ability to negotiate with the Lessor representative.
Relaer recommend that this service be contracted well in advance of the redelivery date in order to protect against having to pay excessive amounts of compensation on return.

Relaer’s extensive experience in phasing out aircraft provide the Airline with an unmatched expertise and avoids the burden of taking airline staff away from the operation and into an area which they may not be very familiar with.