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Production and Delivery inspections

Qualified and experienced production inspectors will follow your aircraft through the key final assembly line build stage by performing inspections in line with the manufacturer’s procedure.  

In the past 17 years Relaer has performed the factory inspections and deliveries for over 814 aircraft to 63 customers ranging from private customers, low cost airlines, lessors and flag carriers. 
Our objectives overall are to ensure that:
  • The airline standard with regards to appearance with particular emphasis on the paint is met.
  • The airline’s target for maintainability is met.
  • The airline has all the required supporting documentation to enable it to troubleshoot the aircraft.
  • Additional inspections are performed to ensure that the technical reliability is not affected.
  • The airline team knows the exact status of the aircraft prior to the commitment letter discussions. 


A factsheet is available summarising our work in performing this type of activity so far.

Relaer perform the maximum amount of checks permissible by the OEM and will request additional ones based on experience gained from previous inspections.


The team is able to provide full time representation throughout the entire assembly phase and at delivery. Thereby ensuring that all call outs are attended and the Customer is kept fully updated on the status of the aircraft prior to acceptance.


The Relaer team will be working alongside and acting as support to the airline team to ensure that the final product meets the standards which the OEM committed to.

We encourage our customers to provide us with their dispatch reliability reports to help us pick-up any recurring failures which occur during the day to day operation and which could be addressed and fixed at the very beginning of the assembly. 



The benefits of outsourcing the inspections can be highlighted as follows:

  • Savings to an airline by not having to position an engineer in Toulouse and/or Hamburg, thus avoiding the out of pocket expenses of relocation.
  • Fixed fee per aircraft 
  • Customer Inspections are carried out by a group of engineers experienced in production Inspections.
  • Sufficient staff to cover a three shift call out requirement.
  • Considerable Final Assembly Line experience.
  • Technical advice being provided based on experience gained from other airlines and deliveries.
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Support to the airline team when taking delivery of the aircraft during final acceptance in Toulouse or Hamburg.